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The Parenting Resource Center is a non-profit organization serving Mower and Freeborn Counties in Minnesota.  We serve people of any race, creed, gender, ethnic background, age income or geographic location. 

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Parent WarmLine is an outreach service provided to parents who need options to questions or concerns about child raising
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Supervised Visitation and Exchange Monitor

Reports To:  Michael Seibel Family Visitation and Exchange Center Program Director

Job Description:

The Supervised Visitation and Exchange Monitor will be asked to provide supervision of family visits in the Seibel Center and is responsible for communicating with the agency supervisor, DHS when required, and for following all Seibel Center policies and procedures. Flexible hours required for day and evening/ and 2 weekends a month.

Minimum Requirements:

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Six months of experience working with children and/or families preferred

Typical Duties:

  • Ensure a safe and secure environment. Act immediately to remove all dangers or threats to the welfare of families and children. Use good judgment and clear communication when a safety intervention is required. Inform all appropriate parties in a timely manner.
  • Provide the level of supervision to families and children according to the guidelines.
  • Crisis intervention using good judgment and excellent communication skills to ward off impending crises. Intervene effectively when the guidelines for the visit are not being followed.
  • Document all visits in a timely fashion according to program standards. Track statistical information and complete weekly service log.
  • Conduct family orientations and children orientations as directed
  • Attend all bi- weekly staff meetings and monthly consortium meetings.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by the Program Director.


  • They will act in a non-discriminatory manner towards all clients, regardless of age, sex, race, national origin, religion, physical handicap, social or economic status, affectional preference or choice of lifestyle.
  • Sufficient knowledge of conditions that require supervised visitation. i.e., physical or sexual abuse, neglect, chemical dependency and/or mental illness.
  • Have an understanding of the cycles of violence surrounding domestic violence and battering techniques
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality
  • Must be dependable- when scheduled to work, must honor that commitment
  • Have good judgment, maturity, common sense, and a high degree of responsibility
  • Be able to maintain an independent role and draw boundaries
  • Have an understanding of child development needs and issues
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Bilingual skills a plus

Please send resume to Heather@familiesandcommunities.org

The Parenting Resource Center Mission:
The mission of the Parenting Resource Center, Inc, is to provide resources, services and prevention education to promote healthy, safe lifestyles for families within communities.

Heather Steinkamp
Executive Director

Maryanne Law
Projects and Programs Director