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The Parenting Resource Center is a non-profit organization serving Mower and Freeborn Counties in Minnesota.  We serve people of any race, creed, gender, ethnic background, age income or geographic location. 

105 1st Street SE, Suite A
Austin, MN 55912
Phone: 507-437-8330
Fax: 507-434-7554

To reach the
Seibel Family Visitation Center
call 507-434-7550

Parent WarmLine is an outreach service provided to parents who need options to questions or concerns about child raising
Toll Free:
 Línea de Apoyo y Comprensión Paterna de los Condados de Mower y Freeborn:

Office Hours are
Monday through Friday,


Job Opening:
Parenting Resource Center- Programs Assistant

The mission of the Parenting Resource Center, Inc. is to provide resources, services and prevention education to promote healthy, safe lifestyles for families within communities.  The Program Assistant is a full-time position that includes three part-time positions: the Seibel Center Program Assistant position at .55 FTE, the E-Center Parent Connector at .20 FTE and the Mower County Safe Communities Coordinator at .25 FTE.

The Michael H. Seibel Center provides for the exchange and visitation of children by and between custodial and non-custodial parents while monitoring and maintaining safety for everyone. The Program Assistant is responsible for communicating with the agency supervisor, DHS when required, and for following all Seibel Center policies and procedures. The Program Assistant’s main responsibility is to work with families on scheduling needs.

 The Parent Connector is responsible for establishing and maintaining the online E-Center component of the Young Student Parent Support Initiative grant.  The Parent connector’s main responsibility is Administrator for Social Media, updating the relevant websites and creating link to information/resources.

 The Mower County Safe Communities Coordinator is responsible for coordinating seasonal community events that increase public awareness of seat belt safety, distracted driving, the consequences of impaired driving and speed, according to the grant work plan, will complete grant reports and is responsible for attending/ facilitating meetings.

Minimum requirements:  2 year degree in a human services field; experience in  program development, implementation and strategic planning, making oral and written presentations, working effectively with diverse populations, multi-tasking, maintaining financial and statistical records, using word processing, access Xcel and spreadsheet programs. Website management experience needed.

Please send resume and cover letter to: Heather@familiesandcommunities.org

The Parenting Resource Center Mission:
The mission of the Parenting Resource Center, Inc, is to provide resources, services and prevention education to promote healthy, safe lifestyles for families within communities.

Heather Steinkamp
Executive Director

Maryanne Law
Projects and Programs Director