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The Parenting Resource Center is a non-profit organization serving Mower and Freeborn Counties in Minnesota.  We serve people of any race, creed, gender, ethnic background, age income or geographic location. 

105 1st Street SE, Suite A
Austin, MN 55912
Phone: 507-437-8330
Fax: 507-434-7554

To reach the
Seibel Family Visitation Center
call 507-434-7550

Parent WarmLine is an outreach service provided to parents who need options to questions or concerns about child raising
Toll Free:
 Línea de Apoyo y Comprensión Paterna de los Condados de Mower y Freeborn:

Office Hours are
Monday through Friday,

The Parenting Resource Center Mission:
The mission of the Parenting Resource Center, Inc, is to provide resources, services and prevention education to promote healthy, safe lifestyles for families within communities.

Becky Rasmussen
Executive Director

Maryanne Law
Projects and Programs Director