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The Parenting Resource Center is a non-profit organization serving Mower and Freeborn Counties in Minnesota.  We serve people of any race, creed, gender, ethnic background, age income or geographic location. 

105 1st Street SE, Suite A
Austin, MN 55912
Phone: 507-437-8330
Fax: 507-434-7554

Parent WarmLine is an outreach service provided to parents who need options to questions or concerns about child raising
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 Línea de Apoyo y Comprensión Paterna de los Condados de Mower y Freeborn:

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Now Hiring for Parenting Resource Center's Financial Manager
The Finance Manager shall perform her duties at the Parenting Resource Center/Catherwood Home Child Care/Michael H. Seibel Family Visitation and Exchange Center in a way that upholds the Mission Statement.  The Finance Manager holds a full time position and provides overall direction for all financial management, provides accounting in budgeting functions on behalf of the Executive Director, developing financial procedures and directing their implementation.  The Financial Manager reports to the Executive Director and the Parenting Resource Center Board and Finance Committee, performs financial planning in cooperation with the Executive Director and Programs and Projects Director, has the support of the contracted Accountant and participates on the Parenting Resource Board of Directors Finance Committee.   

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Performs general ledger tasks.
  2. Supervises and authorizes record keeping, banking and check writing tasks, involving payroll and accounts payable/receivable, using Peachtree, QuickBooks and Excel computer programs.
  3. Prepares budgets and budget justifications for all grants, contracts and other financial related forms in cooperation with Program Coordinators and Executive Director.
  4. Assists Executive Director and Program Coordinators in monitoring of monthly financial reports to project grant/contract sources.
  5. Performs all tax preparation tasks and record keeping, including monthly, quarterly and annual payroll taxes and corresponding reports.
  6. Performs and tracks interfund transfers between the Parenting Resource Center, Inc. and dba/Catherwood Home Child Care or the dba/ Michael H. Seibel Family Visitation and Exchange Center.
  7. Administers TASC Plan and other flexible benefit plans, including Retirement Plan.
  8. Assists Accountant in preparing quarterly financial statements.
  9. Provides financial management for Catherwood Home Child Care, including: a) picking up payments and time cards, b) recording payments into Quickbooks, c) making deposits, d) calculating child care hours, e) creating invoicing for billing parents, f) invoicing Child Care Assistance, g) delivering invoices to Catherwood.
  10. Provides administrative assistance for the S.E. Minnesota Regional Prevention Specialist, including  Community Needs Assessment data gathering.
  11. Provides facility technology oversight for telephone and computer systems.
  12. Provides account analysis as needed for the Executive Director’s information and/or decision making needs.
  13. Participates in assessing financial risks with Accountant, Executive Director and Programs and Projects Director when new policies, programs and procedures are adopted.
  14. Develops annual budgets for the agency and budgets for other programs and grants, as needed.
  15. Meets with Finance Committee regularly to monitor and implement annual budgets and develop financial policy.
  16. Performs in-office audits and assists in year-end audit.
  17. Performs any other duties as designated appropriate by the Executive Director for the smooth operation of the Center and/or fulfillment of grant responsibilities.

Please send your resume to Heather@familiesandcommunities.org
For more information, call 507-437-8330

The Parenting Resource Center Mission:
The mission of the Parenting Resource Center, Inc, is to provide resources, services and prevention education to promote healthy, safe lifestyles for families within communities.

Heather Steinkamp
Executive Director

Maryanne Law
Projects and Programs Director